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Electrical problems can always get tricky around the house! Thankfully, you now have us. Repairwale provides excellent solutions for all your electrical needs, whatever they may be. Our trained and qualified technicians carry years of practical experience which helps them provide you with the best possible solution for your problem. We ensure that our technicians are on-time at your venue and provide you satisfactory electrical contract work and services in the most hassle free manner. What’s more, all our services are available right at your doorstep.

Here is a list of a few services that you can avail:

  1. High end fan installations.
  2. Festive lighting for your home.
  3. Load balancing and distribution.
  4. Repairing power outage.
  5. Earthing issues.
  6. Inverter installations.
  7. Check short circuiting issues.
  8. ELCB Installation.
  9. Earth-leakage fault.
  10. False ceiling rewiring.
  11. Setting up your home theater/television/sound system.
  12. Whole house wiring ( single and three phase) and phase changeover.
  13. Installation of electrical fixtures like bulbs, ceiling fans, exhaust fans etc.
  14. Installation of electrical fittings like switches, sockets, MCBs, fuse, meterbox etc.
  15. Installation and repair of domestic appliances like food processors, juicer mixer,grinders, induction cookers, microwave, toasters, geysers, stabilizers,electric chimney etc.
  16. and many more....

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